Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amazing Race, Amazing Man

I have alot to say about this man. A little over two years ago he was (to himself) about 45lbs over weight,soo...........he started running and like Forrest never stopped. He had been running for about a year and finally realized unless he had a goal and something worth while to train for it was all for nothing. Two years later here he is.... 45lbs lighter and looking pretty good. He ran the St. George marathon and did amazing! Most of my family was there to cheer him on and proud we are. He continues to amaze me. While I sit on the couch eating bon bons, he keeps running and pushing himself to the next level. I wish I had his drive.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My good friend Sara took pictures
of our family while we were in California.
This is one of my many favorites. She
truly has a gift. Thank you Sara, you made
pictures pain free.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Day of School

My kids are so big. Mylee is in 1st grade this year. WOW!
You can tell Kate is almost junior high, the attitude is just coming out.
They are the cutest kids I have ever seen though.


Our summer was packed with trip after trip.
Carlsbad is our favorite place to visit. The kids love
the beach. It is our most relaxing trip we take as a family.
Case was not going to smile for anyone

Griff found his love......sand
Mermaid Addie

Buddha Belly

Park City

After our vacation in Aspen Grove we thought it would be
fun to take our kids on the alpine slides. We had a blast
playing together. It was a peaceful few days with our kids.

Aspen Grove

We went to Aspen Grove with Ty's family right after his parents returned from the Philippines.
We really enjoed ourselves and so did the kids. What's not to love...kids gone all day, activities galore, no cooking, no cleaning, creamery ice cream, cool nights and good wholesome family fun. My kids loved going to their groups everyday, getting dirty, learning new songs, and making new friends. Thanks to Dave and Nancy for a fun trip.

Our crazy kids

Fourth of July

For the fourth of July we were able to go up to Ty's
parents cabin with his two brothers and their families.
It was really nice to escape the heat for a few days and play
with our favorite people.